Kevin Ruddy

Welcome to The Supermarket Strategist.

The purpose of this blog is to supply cutting edge marketing support to mid size and independent supermarkets.

My name is Kevin Ruddy, I have spent the last 25 years working in the supermarket industry for some of the finest brands in the US.

“The Food Emporium” New York City’s premier upscale supermarket
“Food Basics” New Jersey and Detroit’s discount supermarket
“Farmer Jack” Midwest conventional supermarket
“A&P, Waldbaums and Superfresh” East Coast conventional supermarkets

In 2008 I left corporate America to co-found Elite Display USA Marketing & Display Company. The company’s business is creating retail merchandising solutions along with manufacturer and supplier POS hardware and digital signage.

I hope you find the information useful, and log on each week for new topics.

Kevin Ruddy
VP of Sales & Marketing
Elite Display USA
POS Hardware & Sign Holder Catalog

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  1. Leonard J. Slade says:


    I would like to have the Supermarket Strategist sent to a number of folks on our staff. How can I have them included in your weekly email?

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