The Supermarket Strategist 1/03

Welcome to 2012. In the weeks ahead I will be continuing to share my supermarket and retail insights with you, giving you the tools and support to compete in this economical landscape. Read, plan and execute. Make this the year you achieve your goals and gain success. Here we go! Kevin Ruddy

Using Technology
Technology offers even more advances, and is fairly affordable, providing the tools and power for a small businesses to compete on an equal basis with larger companies. Internet, e-mail, social networking, apps, smart phones and voice mail, for example, can increase efficiency allowing a small business to get more accomplished in a timely and professional manner. Not on the web? Better start now! More and more customers are using the web each week to decide where they will shop.

Growing Your Business
How are you communicating with your shoppers?
By using visually appealing point-of-sale material you can communicate with your customer very effectively right at point of purchase. Introducing a new line of meat? Ask your supplier for POS support material. Don’t forget POS is the perfect way for you to convey your quality and value message.

Techniques to Stay Focus
In this world of constant distractions, how can we stay focused on our goals? Here are several tips I found to work very well.

Plan the Night Before
Advance focusing will enable you to be better prepared. Sleeping on your tasks will help your mind to anticipate what is going to happen for the next day.

Start the Day Right

Start the day with a healthy breakfast, as well as some stretching and light exercise. This is a positive way to set your day up for success.

Set Time Limits for Tasks
There is no better motivator than a deadline. Setting real but attainable time limits is a great way to keep your projects moving.

Keep a Steady Pace
Keeping a manageable pace will allow you to stay focused. This can include more short breaks, which allow us to re-group our thoughts and refocus on our task.

Breaking Tasks into Smaller Chunks
Don’t become overwhelmed. Dividing tasks into smaller, actionable chunks will make your tasks seem more attainable.

Positive Patterns
Having positive patterns and good habits are instrumental in getting more done. Be mindful of the fact that your perception of work is something you can control.

Down Time
Everyone has a slow down times throughout the day. Plan on taking short breaks during those times. Use this time to refocus, reprioritize and stretch.

Review what you have done. Look at all the tick marks made in front of your task list. Then reward yourself. It really does help in maintaining motivation.

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