The Supermarket Strategist 12/20

Let’s start the New Year off with a modern way to increase your knowledge…iLearning! Load up your iPod, mp3 player, ipad2 or nook with educational, personal growth, and motivational material to utilize your commuting time. With the average American spending over 200 hours a year commuting, that’s enough time to earn a college degree in less than 4 years! Don’t have an iPod? There’s still 5 days before Christmas. Maybe a quick note to Santa is in order. Hey, it’s better than socks! Kevin Ruddy

Happy Holidays from everyone at
The Supermarket Strategist!

Self Improvement
Start learning anytime, anywhere!

Audio Books (and eBooks)
To fit your busy schedule, audio books can be the solution. This media is easily down loaded from sources like iTunes, Google ebookstore, Barnes and Noble, and Amazon. With this convenient format, you’ll be able to listen almost anytime – commuting, lunch break or at home doing yard work. Don’t forget your local libraries. They are a great resource for this type of material.

iTunes U
Apple has available a vast selection of free lectures, college courses, videos and other research materials through its iTunes U website. Ever think of taking a college course on “Customer Insight” or maybe “Micro Economics” from schools like Princeton and Oxford? This is the type of information available, FREE! And it’s easy to download onto your ipod or ipad2.

Blogs and eNewsletter
For current information, sign up for a Blog or Newsletter. For your convenience you can have the posting sent right to your mobile device. There are many to choose from. The hard part will be finding ones with relative information. Here are some of my favorites that focus on supermarket and retail industry:

Morning News Beat by Kevin Coupe
Progressive Grocer
Supermarket News Daily News
Phil Lempert, Supermarket Guru
And of course mine, The Supermarket Strategist

Did You Know
Here is the kind of information you can find
Check out this link to an interview I downloaded for free off of Apples iTunes U. The interview is about Stew Leonard’s philosophy regarding customer service. If you don’t know about Stew Leonard, it’s a 4-store “Super” chain located in lower Connecticut and New York. Their mantra is “Our Policy, Rule 1 -The Customer is always right,
Rule 2 – If the Customer is ever-wrong reread rule 1.”

Click Here For Stew Leonard’s Interview Link

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